Shop My Favorite Things!

These are a few of my favorite things!

I wanted to let you know about a new page I recently added to my website called ‘Shop my Favorites‘!

I hope it goes without saying that having a website does cost money with hosting and domain renewals. So instead of so called ‘selling out’ and promoting things for companies that I’m not really 100% all for promoting, I thought that signing up for Amazon’s Affiliate program was the best way to give me control to share ONLY the things that work for me or that I love!

I don’t include prices on the items because they may change from the time I put them on the site, so I decided to categorize just the items but also include a short personal quote for each as to why i’m sharing it. Each item then has a Buy link that will take you right to the item on Amazon so that you can review it closer for you to consider purchasing it.

Here is just a sampling of some items i’ve posted so far:

Visit my new page to Shop my Favorites!

Backyard Fairy Garden

This will be a photo heavy post so bear with it please. My niece recently shared pictures (taken with her phone camera) of a fairy garden she built in her backyard for her little ones so I asked her if I could share her project. I’m in the middle of spring cleaning my craft room so not much space to make anything of my own at the moment but I digress.

She made such colorful color choices.

I’ve already bought some things to start MY fairy garden.  I’m planning an indoor version for my bookcase….to be continued :)



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