Backyard Fairy Garden

This will be a photo heavy post so bear with it please. My niece recently shared pictures (taken with her phone camera) of a fairy garden she built in her backyard for her little ones so I asked her if I could share her project. I’m in the middle of spring cleaning my craft room so not much space to make anything of my own at the moment but I digress.

She made such colorful color choices.

I’ve already bought some things to start MY fairy garden.  I’m planning an indoor version for my bookcase….to be continued :)

Rustic DIY Log Planters


A friend of mine, Mindy showed me today a really great diy project she had just completed so I just had to ask her if I could share it here.

These really great rustic flower boxes were made from leftover cut down trees.


First she cut the bottoms flat so that they would stay put wherever you  decide to put them.


Then the inside needs carved out all the way across with a chainsaw to make a space for the dirt and flowers.


Great way to repurpose trimmed and fallen trees :) You could accent a garden bed edge or the side of a driveway or walkway. Maybe use them on a porch or patio.

Thanks Mindy for letting me share your project!