Twilight Saga Paper Pins


Going with a group to the premiere of Eclipse and one of the girls is making shirts so I thought I’d return the favor and make pins. Here is what I came up with. 

Here are the finished Jacob and Edward Pins.


Close Up of Jacobs.


Close Up of Edwards.


 I started out by punching with my 1 1/2 circle punch the base for the pins out of white cardstock. I glued two circles together to make the base stronger for the pin. I then found two new moon promotional photos, brought them into photoshop and changed the color into high contrast black and white. I printed them on white cardstock into the size I needed. You see some text, I was going to put a line from the movie on the pin, but there wasn’t room.  

Base circles, and print out with faces.


 I thought I got a lighter grey ink, but these give almost a moon look so I put more of the grey on the edges for high contrast. You can’t see it in the photos, but I also took a cotton ball and put a little silver ink to make them sparkle a bit.  Pun intended. 

Edward Circle Base sponged with Stone Grey Ink


Here is Jacob’s base with name and flourish stamp. 

Finished Jacob Pin base with black ink and flourish stamp in black.


To give the piece with Jacob’s face more dimension, I stacked 2 dimensional dots on top of each other and placed it on top of the base.  

Finished with self adhesive pinback. Got these to save some time trying to figure out how to adhere it.


Curved Letter Stamping Tip 

I wanted my words to curve to the circle, so I placed my letters right side down on a scrap 1 1/2 circle to fit. 

Step One: Put letters on your template circle to get the curve just right.


 Then place your acrylic block on top so that the stamps will stick to it. 

Step 2: Place acrylic block on top of placed stamps.


 When you pick up the block, it will have the stamps perfectly placed for you to stamp all of your circles. 

Step 03: Life off your block and the stamps stick in perfect position to stamp with.


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