Made a Bookmark



Finished Personalized Bookmark

 My goal was to make a bookmark for myself. My color palette was a design paper I had with red, black, silver and white.  As I was making it, I didn’t really have a plan, I just kept embossing, cutting, glueing, embossing again, cutting and glueing. Then I stamped my name but when it was all done, I haven’t tried it yet but it seems  it is a little thick for a bookmark still I didn’t have the heart to throw it away and try again.  I do kind of like it now that I’m looking at it again.  I like how my silver paper when embossed really looks like metal. I’m sure I’ll use that in the future with other things I make so I’ll at least hang it on my cork board as a reminder to use shimmering paper in this way.  Then today I was in the mood to make embellishments which I’m finding I absolutely love to do. So I used coordinating paper and added flowers to it.  

Here is how this project progressed:  

Paper choice - Red, Black, Silver and Blue

Embossed strips of the silver paper with the folder called Graces Frame. It makes it look like aluminum to me.

I glued the pieces to both sides, cut strips of my double sided design paper to accent the one side.

Scored the strips to make folder more clean.

Here is my base. At this point I realized that it might not work as a bookmark but still I kept going to see if it could become something.

Thought I should make some metal looking end caps out of the silver paper and used my EK Success Real Estate punch.

My mistake could be a tip for you. When I scored and folded it, it overlapped on the edge, so I put it back inside my punch, and cut it again to cut off the excess so that it matched up again. I ended up even reusing that cut off excess piece below the end cap on the top (see the very first picture in this post)

I embossed using Victoria the end cap.

Here is my first use of these flower making punches I got. I love their purpose, but these particular models made by McGill are EXTREMELY difficult to squeeze. I have to put them on the ground, and step on them that is how hard it is to use them. Thought i would share that in case you are looking into these punches. Otherwise, I think they are very useful to not ever have to really buy flowers again.

I cut 3 coordinating colors of flowers out of both punches. The circles I just used a regular circle punch.

I placed the parts together and pierced the center to then put a mini-brad inside to hold them all together.

Here are my first few. I have to say, I really love making embellishments. I think the punches are okay I may just need to sharpen them cause the edges are fraying a bit.

I think I may never really have to buy flowers again. I like being able to coordinate embellishments to the paper I am using on a project.

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