My Quilt So Far


Well, I’ve been working on my quilt little by little and thought i’d lay down the batting I got and proceed to lay on top of it the quilt as I have completed so far. I felt the need to do this so that I could have a mental picture to my goal of trying to complete my quilt this year.  I also hope to finish it by hand, but as of right now I have yet to figure out the next steps that I need to take. I am learning as I go along after all and this IS my first quilt.

Here is what it is to date:

I thought I’d put 10 per row, 11 rows. I forgot to add a block per even rows (11) so that adds another block away from the bottom. The way this is now, I’d only have 3 more rows to go if I stick to my original plan of 11 rows.  But seeing it now, That won’t be long enough for even a throw so I might have more work ahead of me. Possibly 8 more rows ahead of me. Luckily I have the room on my batting to achieve this I think.

I also was curious how the fabrics I chose would work together knowingly repeating the same fabrics in blocks. I love patchwork and I think it’s definetly the look I was going for in seeing it now.

The light diamond at the top, then the ‘middle’ color on the left, and the darker color on the right.  This picture makes it look like an optical illusion. Do the top of the blocks go up or down, left or right when you look at it? :)

I found this batting at a yard sale years and years ago when I just started making this quilt. I’m pretty sure I remember the lady telling me at the yard sale that I wouldn’t need to put a backing fabric on my quilt since this already had it. I didn’t know what that meant at the time. Knowing what I know now, I think I may still have to because I’m not sure I like the seam where she had sewn two pieces of this batting together down the middle. It would show on the back I think alot. I’d rather have a solid piece of fabric.

Now, my next step is to figure out how I’m going to edge it. I want to keep the shape of it (not make it a square) but that I’ll have to figure out when that time comes.  Will update as I progress!

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