Rag Quilted Pillows from Homespun


With the left over fabric I had from the rag quilt I made her for christmas my sister asked me to make her some matching pillows (18 x 18) for her birthday.  Eh hem…her birthday was about a week ago…so I’m glad I finished them tonight!

It was a bit of a process. I was running out of muslin (as you can see around the edges i threw a piece in there to accent the edges more. So needed to fit as many scraps together I could find and luckily I had enough to edge all the blocks. Then I sewed them all together leaving just a small gap and threw them in my washing machine and dryer to fray the edges.

 I then put the pillow forms inside and stitched them up! 

By the way, these pillows are double sided. They are ragged blocks on both sides. I went the extra mile rather than just putting fabric on the back like my sister suggested. I’m glad I did I really like the way they turned out :)