My Little Coupon Binder Organizer


How could anyone not be inspired to try their own hand at extreme couponing after seeing those great deals that people get on those shows. So I have decided to try it myself for awhile and post my progress here. I’m sure companies are catching on that deals overlap so we better take advantage of all these coupons now before they start changing policies left and right.

Step One…get a better coupon organizer

I had one of those flapped plastic dividers for my coupons but it got to be a bit cumbersome to use and there were not enough pockets.

I really wanted a ‘descreet as possible’ binder vs. one of those large zippered ones, so I thought that this 8.5 x 5.5 black binder with a 2 inch rings would be perfect for me.
My Little Coupon Binder Organizer

Here is where I got the binder:

Amazon: Avery Durable Binder for 5.5 x 8.5-Inches Pages with 2-Inch Round Ring, Black (27275)(

So next were options for sheet protectors. They didn’t sell any divided sheet protectors to hold baseball cards at that 8.5 x 5.5 size. So I decided to just get the 8.5 x 5.5 sheet protectors and felt that with the small size, the big pocket might be good to hold more of one kind of coupon.

My Little Coupon Binder Organizer

I got two boxes, but I have plenty of room for one or two more boxes of these (that would give me 200 sleeves total). I bought these two boxes with an amazon gift card so I only spent 4 dollars for them.

 Amazon: C-Line Clear Top-Loading Heavyweight Poly 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 Inch Sheet Protectors 50 Count (62058)

Then I found these write on divider tabs to break of the sections. I decided to get two packs of these as well since the were only 3 dollars a piece.

Amazon: Avery Plastic Durable Write-On Dividers, 5.5 x 8.5 Inches, 5 Tabs, 1 Set (16180)

My Little Coupon Binder Organizer

Put a pen in this picture to give you some sort of reference in size.  I don’t really like to draw too much attention to myself so I’ll feel much more comfortable taking this smaller more discreet binder around with me vs. larger options out there. 

My Little Coupon Binder Organizer

I’m going to start by organizing my coupons by the layout of my local grocery store that I frequent.

Then in each pocket, i’ll put all coupons for a ‘type’ of product andI’ll eventually label all the pockets.

For example,  here are a couple of pockets of coupons I have to give you an idea:

Under ‘Deli/Produce’ section I have a pocket for all types of ‘cheese’  coupons.

Under ‘Personal Care’ section,I have a pocket for ‘body washes’, first aid (band aids, neosporin, etc.), medicine (bayer, claritin) , toothpaste

Under ‘Household /Paper Products’ section, I have a pocket for ‘bathroom/toilet cleaning supplies’, batteries, paper towels

My next goal is to sew my own zippered cover for my binder. :D