I Made a Lightbox out of Foam Core Board


I had this ‘original’ idea one day to make a lightbox out of foam core board and out of curiosity, I thought i’d do a quick search to see if anyone ‘else’ per chance had it as well…turns out someone did and made a great tutorial on how to make a lightbox out of foamcore board.

So I followed it and here were my results:

Some advice that I would give is:

- Measure twice cut once!  One of my sides is 1 inch smaller.

- Be sure to label the outside of your panels well. I took this apart to store it away, then when I got it out again and tried to put it back together again to show someone and my labels were horrible.

Not pictured is the posterboard I put down the back. You’ll see that in the tutorial link.


Here are some of the photos I took with my new lightbox.

I’m very happy with the results. The owl picture I think is the most amazing.

In case your wondering, I’m working on my websites online store so I wanted to try taking some nice professional photos. :)