Embroidered Frayed Denim Cuff Bracelet


I had an idea the other day looking at the left over frayed salveges of my denim and flannel rag quilt and had a picture in my head for a casual cuff bracelet. This also gave me a reason to test out some of the embroidery stitches that came with my new Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.

I went to find the ribbon clamps I needed for the project at Michaels (expensive) and I also found these on Amazon (much better value!). Once they came in the mail I got to work.

I really liked the rustic casual frayed edges. Since these were narrow, I hemmed two together and then embroidered the middle.

I found a few stitches that I thought would work. Here are some of them on the display.

I think something is wrong with the tension on this particular stitch (47) so i’ll need to work on that.

I had a much better time with some others.

Here is a 4 petal flower.

Here is a tear drop chain.

Here’s a sort of swirl with leaves.

This is a X type pattern.

I tested making a thinner one but I realized i’ll either need to get Fray check or have a running straight stitch on the edges that would allow the edges to fray but not go any further into the embroidery.

I don’t think i’m there just yet but I think the direction of these two tests ones are a good start.