About me

Name: Jeannie——————————————————————————————————Why do you go by iiSwanSongii?

I designed my insignia I believe it was about 2007. I was making Youtube videos at the time and decided I needed a graphical representation of my name to post at the end of videos.

My username that i’ve used,  iiSwanSongii has been my online name since around 2006 when I would play online games. Then when youtube came along, I’ve had a channel under that name ever since. The double i’s before and after is because the name was already taken on Youtube so I needed something to accent before and after and I didn’t like x’s. So I made them i’s since they reminded me of columns with floating orbs (yes may be a stretch… ) Anyway, I don’t take the definition of swansong literally. I use the name as a reminder to never let a day go by that you are not doing something that you love to do. For me it’s trying to be creative as much as possible whenever I can.



What IS your domain names origin?

Around the time I began programming. 2001, I knew I wanted a site of my own having grown tired 

Around the time I began programming. 2001, I knew I wanted a site of my own having grown tired of free sites (geocities…anyone?). During that time I was trying to think of a name and I kept hearing the word ‘ether’ here and there. Specifically a couple different musicians interviews around that time both described how they get ideas for songs “…who knows where ideas come from…they come from out in the ether somewhere.” I liked the idea that there is one grand consciousness and all creative people can tap into that cloud of ideas and thought the phrase ‘into the ether’ painted that picture. On a side note, I never thought of myself as a creative person I just know i’ve always liked doing creative things so that is how I decided what I was going to use my website for.

After that, when I got the domain extension [dot] net, the name became a double meaning. When you read it as a whole ‘Into The Ethernet’ … Ethernet is a technical term that has it’s origins from the internet and networking technologies: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ethernet

another thought is that i’ve always loved prepositional phrases. :)