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I started my handmade quilt in 2002. Off and on i’ve been working on it ever since then. I did the math, I only have 33 blocks to go! Will post status on it and I expect to complete it this year! Wish me luck! I also have other plans to make rag quilts, and come up with a pattern of my own.

Denim and Flannel Rag Quilt – Sewing Stage!

\”I do believe that with practice anyone can get good at anything creative…\”

\”So I like to try anything at least once. I also like to have a place to share so I created this website. Some are good and some…well…are fails but you gotta try right? Hopefully you will be inspired to try something creative yourself and who knows…you could start your own website! Enjoy and thanks for visiting!\”  ~Jeannie