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About me

\"iiSwanSongii\" I\’m Jeannie and thank you for finding / visiting / reading my website!

To share a little about me I might start off to say I\’m a very private person about some things. However, what I do love is learning and sharing creative things, so i\’m all about trying new things and sharing them online (win or fail)!  Those things include (in no particular order): photography, food, music, writing, home decor, organization, crochet, quilting, gift wrapping ideas, jewelry, paper crafts, among other things.

I started many many years ago (2004) as a way for me to practice my website design & development. It has gone through \’many\’ content changes, programming languages, and designs which i plan on writing a little retrospective on at some point from then to now (pretty funny).  Only a short while ago (2010) that i finally decided to turn the site into \’something\’…and that decision was for it to become a creative blog.

I had always done so many \’crafty\’ things all my life sharing with friends and family.  When i started browsing the internet for ideas on \’an idea for something\’ i can\’t remember… one day, i started to be introduced then to the world of blogging and i got excited about my website again and how i could share my own ideas.

Feel free to look around and thank you for visiting!

About me

\”I do believe that with practice anyone can get good at anything creative…\”

\”So I like to try anything at least once. I also like to have a place to share so I created this website. Some are good and some…well…are fails but you gotta try right? Hopefully you will be inspired to try something creative yourself and who knows…you could start your own website! Enjoy and thanks for visiting!\”  ~Jeannie