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My Favorite Writings

Below are some of my favorite writings / phrases / poems / lyrics, etc.

Here are ten ways to spot an alpha woman:

  1. She never needs to be loud or rigid to get what she wants, as positivity always finds its way to her. Her confidence is inspiring, leading many to follow her.
  2. She strides through the challenges of life with little effort, always appearing to have her life “together.” She is balanced, knowing that life cannot be forced.
  3. She’s always accepted in social circles, not because of money or status, but because of how she respects others.
  4. She prefers to be straightforward and honest, always telling it how it is, so that others can see her honest intentions.
  5. She knows the difference between positive and negative criticism, and takes what she needs from each to move forward.
  6. She’s comfortable in her own skin and style, never feeling the need to pursue ridiculous standards of beauty or current trends.
  7. She doesn’t feel the need to compete with others; she’s only worried about being the best version of herself that she can be.
  8. She’s smart and knows how to navigate potentially bad situations. She gets rid of bad relationships, friends, and business deals if something is wrong.
  9. Usually equipped with a strong support system, she wants others to believe in themselves just as much as she believes in herself.
  10. She has no regrets and understands the importance of growing through life’s lessons. She does not let her past affect her, always looking for opportunities to move forward.

All Great Things Must First Wear Terrifying and Monstrous Masks… In Order to Inscribe Themselves…On The Hearts of Humanity.

Trust in God….but lock your car door.

My Favorite Writings

\”I do believe that with practice anyone can get good at anything creative…\”

\”So I like to try anything at least once. I also like to have a place to share so I created this website. Some are good and some…well…are fails but you gotta try right? Hopefully you will be inspired to try something creative yourself and who knows…you could start your own website! Enjoy and thanks for visiting!\”  ~Jeannie