Paper Pad Storage Idea


I purchased about 5 more 12 x 12 paper stacks that were on sale and I store them in my glass door jetmax cube.  However, it became really cumbersome when I wanted to grab a stack, I had to guess or pull out each stack until I got the one I wanted being that they all are on top of each other. So I had an idea to label them.

Now, I am able at a glance, to see and grab the one I need! Simple idea but I think this will really work from here on out. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll come a cross 3 more which will completely fill the cabinet so this labeling will be more beneficial than ever.

See this is the before photo and how basically they look the same from the side.

I was sure to ONLY write the label on the binding (either paper or that gum, glue binding) so it wouldn’t effect the paper at all.

I marked either Design or Solid, or any other identifying marks that make sense for me.

I love organization. Anything to make the process more smooth so I can spend more time creating.