Two-Toned Loom Knitted Scarf


I made a two toned scarf before but the accent color was a bit more sporatic. I wanted to see if I could figure out a pattern to make the colors more even and consistant through out the scarf. With a couple starts and restarts, I came up with this design that I’m pretty proud of.

The pattern allowed the accent color to remain on the inside and the main color on the rest of the scarf.

So I thought i’d share how I did it in a tutorial post.


Two Toned Loom Knitted Scarf – Tutorial

Materials Needed:

  • Knitting Loom with yarn pick (I use the purple knifty knitter. It comes with a pick)
  • 2 full skeins of yarn – Main color and accent color (I used Loops and Thread Charisma)
  • Scissors
  • Crochet needle to cast off and finish up the ends

If you are not familiar with how to start knitting on your loom, here is a video on how to cast on your yarn to your knitting loom .

You would start by finishing one row of your main color before adding in your accent color.

My pictures start in the middle of the scarf, but these steps are the same as in the beginning and repeated until you have run out of either the main or accent yarn.

Step One: Start with a finished row of the main color of yarn. In this case, it is grey. My yarn ends are both on the left.

Step Two: While holding your main color yarn on the left with your thumb, wrap your accent color in the direction around the pegs indicated by the orange arrows, and in the order of the sequentially numbered pegs. Your accent color only goes on the inner pegs.  The accent color always starts and ends on the left.

Step Three: While holding the wrapped accent color (completed in step two) proceed to wrap the main color over all the pegs. You’ll be left with two loops on the outer pegs, and 3 loops on the inner pegs. Your main color yarn will end up on the right. You can’t see it in the picture, but I hold the main color yarn end on the right by pulling it down underneath the loom and hooking it on my left hand ring and pinky fingers and pull firmly while using the pick in the next step to pull the yarn over the pegs.

Step Four:  Next you’ll need your pick tool, and pull the yarn loops over the pegs. On the outer pegs, pull the bottom loop over the top loop and over the peg. For the inner pegs, pull the bottom and middle loops (2) over the top loop and over the peg. When you have pulled over the the inner loops (2 colors) be sure that the main color is near the peg, and the accent color is on the inside as indicated in the picture below. This will ensure the accent color remains only on the inside of the scarf.

Here is what you will be left with when you pull all the loops over. Your accent color will still remain on the left, and your main color is on the right.

Step Five: With your main yarn on the right side, you’ll need it to be on the left again so wrap your main color in the direction around the pegs indicated by the orange arrows, and in the order of the sequentially numbered pegs. This will also give you your main color starting row (as I mentioned in the beginning). You’ll be left with two main color loops over each peg.

Step Six: Take your pick and pull the bottom loop over the top on all the pegs.

You’ll now have your main color row with your yarn tails both on the left side. You can now continue and repeat steps one through six until one of your skeins runs out.

To finish your scarf, you’ll need your crochet needle to cast off the ends. Here is a video on how to cast off and finish your scarf.

You’ll be left with a nice length, two toned loom knitted scaft. I made three of these as christmas gifts this past year.

Let me know if anything needs clarification. Happy Knitting!