Decorated Flameless Candles


I had a spark of inspiration while shopping the clearance racks at Christmas Tree Shops recently. I found some flameless candles there covered in some semi torn and nicked up decorative thin paper.  So seeing that the paper was coming away from the candles, I saw that it could easily be removed and thought they would be great to re-purpose and decorate for a craft fair I’m preparing for in March.

So since I got them, I’ve been trying out a couple ideas some working, some not so great. Here is one that I made up for a little birthday gift for my sister with some bits and pieces I had on hand.

Christmas Tree Shops clearance racks I think are my new favorite place to shop! 

I started with wrapping and glueing the candle with some burlap I had on hand from when I did my flower arrangement.

I can’t recall where I got the star wire and the home spun scraps are from the homespun rag quilt I made.

Here is another idea I had to wrap some of the candles with a crocheted wrap. The white paper is my guide for size and length to wrap around the candle.

Here you can see what some of the papers looked like on these candles. It is so easy to remove.

Another plus about them that my sister pointed out after giving hers to her this past weekend, was how bright the candles lit and flickered.

Needless to say, I had to go back and buy…eh hem…30 more :)

Once I finish a good sized batch of them, I’ll have another post to show progress.