Denim and Flannel Rag Quilt – Planning Stage


Stage two of my denim and flannel rag quilt…IS the planning stage!  I have to say though this part stunted me from progress a bit. I knew I wanted something more interesting than just a checker board or stripes pattern…so I realized the only way to do that is by laying it all out and figuring it out. 

Here was my first attempt…random tan flannel squares here and there…just didn’t seem right to me.

My husband actually got in on the fun and suggested this next attempt. 

I joked that in the pictures I was taking, it was like we were creating graphics from our old atari video game days…or making quilted pixel art.

Yep as completely off the wall and probably overly busy to some this may be, we both like it and I decided that this was the pattern I am going to go with. Keep in mind too, my ‘reversible’ idea i mentioned in the last post does apply to this version. Every tan blocks’ reverse side will have a denim piece. So this pattern will be duplicated on the other side, just in dark and medium denim.


Here now is the planned out stack, row by row.  Next step…sewing! …my first big project on my new machine.