Denim and Flannel Rag Quilt Complete!


I stayed up until 1:30am last night snipping all the edges so I could run it through the washing machine this morning.

I’m done the Denim and Flannel Rag Quilt!  

From far away it looks nice :)    This is where my inner critic comes out…When I took it out of the dryer BOY was there a ton of lint!

…and with that lint, the unforseen (but kinda duh in hindsight) all the lint was just CLINGING to all the flannel in the quilt.

I don’t know if I wash it again would make it worse, or if it would get rid of it. I’m guessing worse so i’m going to see if I can find anyone online who has had that same issue and see what they did about it.  The edges did fray nicely though as you can see.

Next step…gotta make a sham now!  Was hoping to have some fabric left to do one but i don’t so I hope these materials are still on the sales rack!