Craft Fair 2012


Thought i’d try out a few of the items I made at a local craft fair a few weeks ago.

My MIL taught me how to make these paper folding ornaments that I punched holes in and attached ribbon and a small bell too. These work for ornaments and/or gift tags. With each ornament I gave a small bag of five coordinated colored circles punched with a small hole so that it could be added to the ribbon before it got tied so that it could be used for a gift tag.

Instead of making completely unique bookmarks like last year as you can see on the right in the basket, I decided to try two designs and make many different colors of the same instead.

I think I sold only one of the swirls which I really liked.

I did however sell quite a few of the Bookworm design I came up with last minute.

I designed them in my Silhouette Designer and then cut them out of multiple primary colored paper. Then i placed coordinating pattern paper behind it and laminated them.

I didn’t make alot from the craft fair but I’m thankful for the experience because you never know how your ideas are received and I appreciated the compliments I received which is encouraging.

Has your craft fairs this year been successful? :)