Americana Log Cabin Quilt – Stage One


Happy new year! I’m going to start off this year with a new quilting project…and one that I need to get done in a couple weeks so the challenge is on for me. It’s for a birthday present for my mom that I decided on while Connecting Threads was having their 50% off end of the year sale (which I see as of today seems to still be going on). 

I used the Kit Builder on their website to design the quilt which you can access here:

I wanted to find a simple quilt pattern so decided on the FREE log cabin quilt pattern in a traditional style.

The motif I thought would work for her would be an Americana color scheme since that is how she decorates her living room so I’ve chosen these fabrics below.

They also had a matching thread set that I decided to get so that I could quilt it with coordinating colors.

Once you design the quilt in the kit builder, you can save it and add the materials right away to the cart, and it will actually calculate all the sizes of material you need to complete the quilt in the kit. Just add the specified backing material of your choice as well to the cart and batting, and you got yourself a ready made quilt kit.

Here is what it will look like. The backing will be the taupe colored circle stars fabric third one down in the first picture.

Here’s hoping i’ll complete the quilt by Jan. 13th!

What is YOUR first project of the year?